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Are you a developer and you are looking for a simple way to share and promote your app for free? might be your answer.


  • Completely free
  • Just fill a submission form and send your request
  • Every day promoted apps are showed in a section called AppBoard
  • All the applications are showed in a random order to give evryone equal visibility
  • Platform supported are: Android, iOS and Desktop


As its developer states, it is primarily directed to anyone who can’t afford expensive promotion plans.

Apart from this, really often, all those pay-to-win campaigns are bot-driven, in other words, completely uneffective.

In this platform, everything you see, it’s been submitted by real people, and either its visitors are so.


Just fill the submission form and send it! You just have to verify your email once!

Approval time may vary: it is immediate if your app link targets some official stores, otherwise you can wait up to 3 hours. This is intended to give everyone, even if you don’t have any developer account, a chance to sponsor your content.

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This is the section where your submitted apps show up and that everyone can see. They could even be indexed by google if you are lucky!

Every day at 07:00 GMT, the AppBoard is refereshed with daily apps. The order of the apps is completely random. In this way every app has the same visibility as the others. Cool isn’t it?


At the moment, it supports all major platforms, i.e: Android, iOS and Desktop (Windows, Linux, macOS..). Therefore it could be suitable even for your Desktop written programs!

As the dev states, his website is in beta stage, so feel free to suggest him or report problems if you find any, at [email protected]


AppSponsor may seem a valid alternative to who wants to make their app reach bigger audience, without wasting tons of cash.

Are you a developer or you’d like to share some cool app you’ve discovered with the world? What are you waiting for, go try it!

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