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I’m a 20 years old guy from Italy, in love with tech and programming.

Hobbiest programmer, writer and last but not least, a CS student!

Ton of experience in Android programming since 2013-2014 when I started for the huge XDA community (all people there know me as hastalafiesta, this explains the website name). There I’ve learned all I needed to build Android ROMs and then, I started writing my own apps and utilities! Then I’ve made some experience with the web, learning the basis to make a website and everything related to it.

Available for hiring, I can realize everything you need, from small to medium projects; in particular, from writing posts/articles in both Italian or English, writing some Desktop programs or Android applications, web design and databases!


You can find me on the socials too, you can be updated everytime about all the last news; just follow my pages on your favourite social network!


mascIT and the Android world


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