MyNotes – Take you notes with ease on your Android smartphone!

MyNotes – Simple and light app to easily take notes on your Android device!

Two years ago I’ve realized MyNotes just for learning purposes, but then I thought: “Why not putting it on the Store?”

And here we go!

How many times have you found an app on the store, but when it all seemed perfect, you always find something wrong with it?

That’s why, I am going to explain on which ideas has MyNotes built.

MyNotes principles

  • Lightweight: just around some MegaBytes
  • Efficient: just does what it says, no resource waster
  • Fast: Add your notes with simple taps
  • User friendly: simple and intuitive interface

Now that you got an idea on what you’ll expect, let’s begin talking about its features!


  • Create simple Text Notes or ToDo lists!
  • Add, edit, delete tasks in a ToDo list note
  • Backup on both local on internal and external memory!
  • Backup on the cloud, using Google Drive API
  • English and Italian translations (if you want to contribute adding other languages, contact me via mail)
  • Easy copy/paste facility on the home screen
  • Settings screen to disable/enable general options and analytics data collection (used just for statistic purpose)
  • No ads, but you could donate something using the in-app purchase options

If you are starting with C programming, you could be interested: HOW TO CREATE A Simple C String Library!



Of course MyNotes does not offer anything new compared to other apps… it is just simple and offers just what its description says, no clickbaits!


Of course, it is totally free, but if you want to: say hi, express gratitude or just approvation, use the in app purchases! 🙂

MyNotes – Take your notes with ease!


All the rights are reserved to the creator, mascIT

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