Samsung Neuro Game Booster will change videogames using AI

Samsung Neuro Game Booster – The new frontier of Gaming is here?

It’s the latest trademark registered by Samsung that, as its name implies, deals with videogames.

If we think about Samsung and video games, there isn’t so much to talk about, apart the collaboration with Epic Games. In fact, , thanks to this partnership, their most important product:  Fortnite, has been optimized in order to give the best gameplay on the latest Samsung middle-high level smartphones

Samsung Neuro Game booster will be the first way for Samsung, to get in the world of videogames, as a primary character.

If you are interested in programming:

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At the moment this new trademark hasn’t a lot of detailed information about its real functions. We can suppose it will work thanks to artificial intelligence and neural networks, technologies which are spreading nowadays.

In this image you can see some details about this new trademark

neuro game booster


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