StreamingBot – How to watch your online videos without ads and popups

StreamingBot – How to watch your online videos without annoying and dangerous ads and popups

Do you often search for videos on the web? If the answer is yes, then what you will read (StreamingBot) may be for you.

StreamingBot, what is it?

It is a simple Chrome extension that you can easily download from the Chrome Web Store for free (link below).

As you can read from its description, it  bypasses ads and directly shows the content searched.

In particular it supports these hosting websites (luckily the most famous ones):

  • openload
  • turbovid
  • speedvideo
  • deltabit

In this way you will never have to interact with the page and make tons of intrusive popups appear on your screen.

If you need a simple, light app for taking notes, here you: MyNotes for Android

How does it work?

  • Reach a video hosted on one of those sites mentioned before
  • Click on the  streamingbot icon on the right corner of your Chrome address bar and wait few seconds
  • If the website is supported, it will load another page with the content you was looking for
  • Enjoy


  • No more randomly showing ads or popups, most of them are dangerous!
  • You can choose to use it or not, it’s up to you


You can download on the Google Chrome Web Store for free

This little tool has been written by me, mascIT, using javascript and some html. Leave a rating on the store if you appreciated it!

If you have any technical questions, feel free to ask them in the comments or via mail.


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